Creative Parc
The Story Behind the Bench

A little over six years ago after a good conversation and an even better bottle of wine, our fearless leaders Ali Palmerson and Callie Roberson discovered a shared passion for creating beautiful and thoughtful marketing materials to enhance brand experiences.


From this desire, Creative Parc was born. In May of 2012, the company stood up, and it was time to dig deep, explore the goals, values, and of course name the new venture.


Our name.

Choosing a name for the company and setting the overall tone for the business was a challenging task. Ali and Callie decided to lay out some ground rules for moving forward with an identity.



The word ‘creative’ needed to be in the name. For a business founded by creatives offering creative consulting and design, this was key.



The name needed to reflect a sense of place. This place was somewhere people came to find creative solutions to their business challenges. It’s a destination – a place to find answers.




It needed to feel light-hearted but not cutesy.




Short and sweet.




Timeless and sophisticated.


Narrowing it down.

Next, with those ground rules in mind, it was time to throw all the ideas against the wall and see what stuck. After wading through hundreds of options, the duo settled on Creative Parc. In fact, they don’t even remember exactly how this came to be, but they were circling around using Park with a “k” – but were disappointed to find that it was not unique enough, as the URLs and social media handles were already taken.

In a lucky twist of fate, and from this desire to stand out, they discovered that by simply switching the “k” to a “c”, the word Parc was actually a blend of their initials—Callie Roberson/Ali Palmerson (Yes, they know it spells ‘crap’ when you write it in that order.) The name hit all of their requirements and felt authentic to their personalities. Instantly Creative Parc became reflective of the founders themselves and told a more personal story.

Our Purpose.

We love a good story.  Inspired by the art and science of combining graphic design and thoughtful strategy, we tell your brand story in a way that puts connection and engagement first.

By taking a good look at the experiences of your customers, we identify touchpoints in the process to address weaknesses and fill gaps. Through great strategy, appealing design, and powerful content, our team enhances your overall brand experience to improve loyalty, interest, and ultimately sales.

We thrive on helping discover and implement a unique brand experience.  And never tire of thinking of fresh new ways to bring those stories to life— on paper, in pixels, or through engaging experiences.

Our Values.


We strive for genuine relationships.



We challenge ourselves to be curious, to push the envelope, and to try new techniques.


We believe you can find inspiration everywhere you look and translate it into beautiful design.



We persistently hold our work to a higher standard to exceed expectations.


What’s with the bench?

The bench is a metaphor for collaboration. It represents a meeting place to share ideas, stories, and chat. Amidst the chaos of the world around us, a little park bench can be an opportunity to sit, clear your head, and refocus. That’s the experience we want to give to our clients – that chance to come, sit with us, and leave with clarity and relief that there are now creative solutions to their challenges.

Want to sit with us and gain clarity? Reach out and say hi – we can’t wait to hear from you.



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