01. Consultation

Before we can start your project, we need to learn about your business and the goals you want to accomplish with your visual identity. After we get to know each other, we’ll provide a detailed bid including proposed phases, deliverables, timelines, and pricing.

02. Research

All of our design solutions are tailor-made to suit your needs, and specially crafted to compliment your unique business. The most important step of our process is to dive into the mindset of your target customers and gather inspiration for your new identity. Our goal is not to help you fit into your market, but to help you stand out.

Based on our previous consultation and research, we will develop a ‘Creative Brief’ to serve as a roadmap for the duration of the process. This write-up will include your company’s message, creative considerations, tone, and target audience.  That way, we can all be on the same page.

03. Design

This is where the fun begins! Once we have completed our research and laid the foundation for your brand, we will start to fabricate its visual components. We’ll explore a wide variety of concepts that could serve as great solutions to your branding needs.

We’ll then narrow down our ideas to the few concepts that best suit your business goals and further develop them for presentation. Typically, we’ll present you with up to three distinct solutions for your new visual identity. Each option will showcase the new logo approach, paired with complementary design elements to demonstrate the overall “look and feel” (i.e. colors, textures, and photography) of the identity – so you’ll get a full picture of the concept.

04. Refinement

Once we present the options for your visual direction, you will have time to gather your thoughts as we will work collaboratively through a couple of rounds of revisions. Once refined, we will craft a number of derivatives for your logo so you will have a variety of shapes to work with (i.e. vertical, horizontal, just an icon, with or without a tagline, etc.).

Our ultimate goal is to develop an identity system for you that is versatile and comprehensive. Once that is achieved, you will be provided with a library of your final logo files (print + web, vector + raster), as well as a visual guideline document outlining logo usage, font pairings, and color swatches.

Once the logo exploration is complete, we can take the results of the new look and flush out any remaining print collateral, stationery elements or web design to create a consistent visual identity throughout all of your marketing materials.

Featured Brand Identities