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What’s your mood?

A great practice to share with clients when beginning a design project is a mood board. It is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects. It’s a great way to share concepts with clients when design ideas, moods, and fluffy stuff …read more »

Creative Parc | QR Codes & other dying marketing strategies

What’s that little black and white thing? QR codes and other dying marketing strategies.

In an ever changing business world we are constantly introduced to the newest and greatest marketing strategy. Some of these ideas are fabulous! Take Facebook, online blogs, and snazzy websites for example. On the flip side, there are also marketing strategies, both new and old, …read more »


The Importance of Your Website

Any business owner knows that having a great website is important for promoting their business. But what makes a website great? Think about your own internet browsing. When you visit a website, what about it makes you stay and peruse for longer than you might …read more »


An exciting announcement

We are thrilled to announce that our Creative Parc shop is now open for business! The store contains many of our “design for fun” creations and we’re excited to share them with you. A large selection of our merchandise comes from our Botanical Seed Packet …read more »


An award winning partnership

  We recently partnered with the Boerne Chamber of Commerce in the development of a new informational packet for people who are interested in knowing more about the Chamber. The packet also served to replace the large packet of information that new members used to …read more »

Creative Parc | Missions Baseball Game

Creative Parc at the Ballpark

Last weekend we joined one of our awesome clients, Advanced Smile Care, at the ballpark to watch our local San Antonio Missions baseball team compete! We enjoyed designing the promotional posters, invitations, coupons and ball caps celebrating the dental office’s annual patient appreciation day. It’s …read more »

Boerne Chamber Gala Logo

Event Branding – Boerne Chamber Annual Awards Gala

Event branding is one of our favorite projects to undertake. This is a big picture service we offer to make sure an event looks as spectacular on paper and in advertisements, as it will at the actual event. For instance, if an amazing movie is …read more »


Ribbon Cutting at Boerne Chamber of Commerce

We would love to thank everyone who came out to our ribbon cutting ceremony.  We are excited to be members of the Boerne Chamber of Commerce! It was really nice to see everyone take part in our Logo Memory Contest. Congratulations to Ballroom Bath & Home Design …read more »


Mentoring at the Parc

This past school year we were approached to serve as mentors to a young, aspiring designer from Communications Arts High School. Having been in that position ourselves years ago, we jumped on the opportunity to introduce our beloved profession to a newbie. A bit about …read more »

Hog Splash -1

Hog Splash

“Hog Splash” is Volleyball at its finest — in the MUDD! An event like no other, this is the absolute dirtiest way to have good clean fun for a worthy cause. We both have a volleyball background, so this was an event we are happy …read more »